The LNER at the Movies (and in books)

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Phipps wrote: Thu May 21, 2015 1:41 am
x568wcn wrote:Are we just talking movies, or can we do tv aswell?

Dads Army, Series 6, episode 3, transmitted 14/11/1973
The Royal Train

Right at the end there is a shot of 60009 carrying the king.
Mark T
Back in autumn 1987, myself & 3 pals used the handcart that Hodges & Co give chase on, but we took it to Holt & back. One of us had missed a bus home & that was his only means of getting back.
First saw the episode directly after the Queen Mother's televised funeral & nearly choked with laughter, cos I couldn't believe what I was seeing
Burnmouth for Eyemouth, the King is approaching Burnmouth Station in the Scottish Borders.
Hi interested in the area served by 52D. also researching colliery wagonways from same area.
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Re: The LNER at the Movies (and in books)

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Was watching Sky Arts the other night re a programme about Buster Keaton.
Lots od US train shots, the suddenly a Blue Pullman appears and to keep it LNER later some close up shots of Gresley bogies.... still dont let facts etc etc

Being a continuity employee looks a very easy job, i wouldn't last 5 mins in the office
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Re: The LNER at the Movies (and in books)

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Hello All,

re TV, I remember a Marty Feldman sketch " The Loneliness of the Long Distance Golfer" where Marty, amongst other things, plays golf in the rain, hits the ball onto a moving coal train, which is headed by either an A1/A3 Pacific or a P1 2-8-2 bursting out of a two track railway tunnel ( B&W footage ), then hits the ball off the coal wagon and continues playing !

I am a retired signalman, and a number of workmates used to play golf in the early morning after the night shift, including in the rain, which did remind me of the Marty Feldman sequence above. I agree with Mark Twain " Golf is a good walk ruined "

Regards, Platypus.
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Re: The LNER at the Movies (and in books)

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Have just stumbled across details of a film called ‘Holiday Camp’ which features a class A8 at Sandsend,I believe circa 1947.
And lo and behold its due to be screened on Channel 81 Talking Pictures TV on 29th August at 12.00
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