Signalman Loveland of Marshmoor 1971

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Re: Signalman Loveland of Marshmoor 1971

Post by Mickey » Thu Dec 28, 2017 9:04 pm

laurie1951 wrote:
Thu Dec 28, 2017 10:25 am
Hi Mickey ,
I recall that it was 1971 as i do remember Brian Barr coming to see me in Hospital and showed me the news paper cutting . Its very strange maybe what we would call fate or luck , but David lindstrom had asked me if i wanted to come along on that trip. I could not go for some reason , but then ended in hospital with appendicitis.
That's the way fate usually works Laurie. Yes I do remember hearing of the crash happening involving Cliff Loveland and the other's on board that light aircraft as I originally posted at the start of this thread and from a vague memory that light aircraft crash appeared in the Welwyn & Hatfield local newspaper The Welwyn Times that's where I first heard about it. My confusion over the 1968 date maybe because I am confusing the accident with the train crash at Hatfield in early 1968 involving a runaway loose coupled goods train involving the Shredded Wheat train (Temple Mills to Welwyn Garden City) when the driver lost control of the train and it crashed into a stop block at the end of a dead end siding road a couple of hundred yards beyond Hatfield No.3 (box) that crash was also featured in The Welwyn Times as well which I also vaguely remember seeing in the local newspaper at the time that it occurred.


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