Various Crownline kits,,,+++++ others

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Various Crownline kits,,,+++++ others

Post by SAD Burdett » Tue Jun 16, 2020 11:54 am

Have found the following items surplus to requirements.

Crownline D49 Hunt / Shire conversion kit nos Nos 15 for Lenz rotary version. Never opened.
Based on the Hornby tender drive series
crownline Hunt rotary.jpg
Crownline A3 conversion kit for German smoke deflectors based on the original A3 and later tender drive units.
Has been opened and all appears to be there but no guarantee's.

South East finecast J69/2 "Buckjumper" still in box never been out of the box. Requires motor, gears and wheels.

Hornby B17 tender drive loco and tender with Crownline detail pack,, some parts fitted remainder included.
Again all appears to be there but not guarantee's.
It still works fine and I have been reading some people actually like tender drive's,, but not for me.

Cornard B17 whitemetal body kit. Still in original box serial nos 000041 and priced then at at £5.97!!!

Airfix LMS 4F loco and tender. I always thought the body was excellent but never got round to replacing the tender drive system.
It still works fine but I cannot imagine anybody on this forum would consider using such a system these days.
Photo's can be supplied for all the above but some are too large to send via this thread.
If interested please send a pm and we can hopefully come to some arrangement.
If they do not move here I shall commit to the flea market auction.

SAD :(
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If anyone in Norwich area wants to visit and natter you are very welcome, just make contact.

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