PLEASE READ before posting

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PLEASE READ before posting

Post by richard » Fri Sep 02, 2005 3:05 am

This forum is intended for private classified advertisements. Please give your post an informative title, and include contact information in your posting. If it is a model item, please state the scale/gauge. Do not start multiple threads for the same item - add a comment to your existing thread, if appropriate.

When you have sourced or sold the item, please reply with a note saying that the advert has ended. Thank you.

Posts that point to EBay auctions are fine, but please describe the item in your post. Remember to mark the item as sold when the auction has finished.

Commercial classifieds: Please contact me first before posting. Generally, I will allow occasional commercial postings (eg. old book stock, or difficult to find items)

New members: The Classifieds section is intended for existing forum members. Members who are still in the moderation queue (ie. less than 5 posts) are not allowed to post to the Classifieds.

Periodically I will remove classifieds which are older than 12-18 months. I may also remove classifieds later than this if they are for items which have been sold.
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