Canonbury tunnel crash 1881

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Canonbury tunnel crash 1881

Post by Mickey » Mon Dec 02, 2019 4:00 pm

The official Board of Trade document on this accident has been published on the Railway Archive website and is shown on the link below- ... on1881.pdf

An interesting railway accident that occurred in 1881 between the Great Northern Railway and the North London Railway in Canonbury tunnel.

Mention is made of both Finsbury Park No.1 signal box which is referred to in the official accident report and may have also been known as at the time by railwaymen as No.1 Great Northern signal box which was opened in 1875 and closed about 99 years later in 1974 and also Canonbury Junction North London Railway signal box which closed sometime in the late 1960s or very early 1970s a few years before Finsbury Park No.1 box was finally closed.

As a result of this accident signal box bell codes were standardised throughout Britain's railways.

By coincidence while I was train spotting at Euston station one day back in 1969-70 a bloke who was also on the platform and who was also train spotting who from memory I would say was in his mid/late 30s got talking to me and he claimed that he had been a railway signalman at Canonbury Junction box at onetime but he had subsequently left the railways by then.

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