Greetings from New Zealand

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Greetings from New Zealand

Post by NZRedBaron » Thu Apr 23, 2020 2:23 am

The name's NZRedBaron; and I'm a OO modeller (still very much in the infancy though, given I have nowhere to put it), with plans for a layout based around a junction station.

The main hassle I have (aside from space and time), is the lack of LNER RtR models, and how expensive they are to get here in NZ.

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Re: Greetings from New Zealand

Post by Mersey508138 » Tue May 12, 2020 11:19 pm

Hi Mate

Although I am not 1 of the moderators for the forum I would like to be the 1st to welcome you to the forum.

Hope you are well out there in NZ and I look forward as I am sure other members will to talking about projects we are all doing or projects you are working on.

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Re: Greetings from New Zealand

Post by Hatfield Shed » Wed May 27, 2020 11:48 am

NZRedBaron wrote:
Thu Apr 23, 2020 2:23 am
...The main hassle I have (aside from space and time), is the lack of LNER RTR models, and how expensive they are to get here in NZ.
Regarding the lack of RTR LNER (OO?) the present is a vastly improved situation over that pertaining 20 years ago. Then in traction it was a choice of effectively 13: A3, A4, B1 B12, B17, D49, J39, J50, J52, J72, N2, V1, V2, V3; and frankly many of these were so poor (Lima J50 perhaps the nadir) as to be of little to no interest. What we have now, is a useful selection - which if we consider only pre-group and LNER designs in general service between 1923 and 1947 amounts to 26 locos of which all but the J52 and N2 are to the current much superior standard, and about 10 to come, including the NER's petrol electric railcar! (Most striking change to the selection and very useful; three 0-6-0s available - GCR,GER, NBR, and NER announced - just the GNR to get a shout there.)

Likewise with wagons and coaches, RTR supply remains very inadequate: despite some good introductions, much kit building is required. There's one pre-group coach, and that's the NER's dynamometer car, not exactly generally useful! And in wagons the huge hole is the LMS stock. For some reason this has been neglected while here the LNER has got the love, particularly in the form of general merchandise opens and vans which were operated on a 'common user' basis and thus found mixed all over the UK railway system. A quick look at photos will reveal that the company stock is dominated by LMS and LNER vehicles, unsurprisingly as nearly 80% of the UK's company owned vehicles came from these two groups which served both the majority of the UK's population, and most of its industries that made extensive use of rail transport.

This better RTR provison has surely come at a price, accelerated by the economic ambitions of China to pay workers a decent wage. That said, a model railway can be built up slowly as the budget permits, and kit building keeps many of us occupied at a lower 'burn rate' of the cash.

The underlying problem of course that the LNER was the most diverse of all the Big Four, with each pre-group constituent's own designs of locos and stock generally remaining in service throughout the LNER's existence, so dependent on your choice of location and time period, the present better provision may supply a reasonable core - or relatively little - and probably nothing to speak of if the former GNoSR system is your choice...

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