Finding lost original Engineering Models of the NER/LNER Engines

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Finding lost original Engineering Models of the NER/LNER Engines

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Hi there,

This is a bit of an open question but i'm currently doing some research and connections to one of my ancestors who worked with chief engineers with the North Eastern Railway and LNER as a engine model builder. Very long story cut short my ancestor called Thomas Thompson (Junior) 1886-1945 is mentioned in the North Eastern Railway Magazine, Year 1913, page 218 and page 219 "Locomotive Model-making: A Gateshead Man's Achievement. By B. WHITBY ALLISON, Gateshead" In the article mentions him building a 3 quarter inch scale model of the N.E.R. express passenger locomotive No. 1869, Class Q1. I came across your page on this website saying you do not know of any models. So thought i'd email to say possibly a model made by my ancestor is hopefully still floating about somewhere.

I'm still currently researching other models he has worked on, one which I own today of a 4-4-2 type in NER painted engine of which is designed and built by himself in 1918. Stories passed down in the family that this such engine was sent to New Zealand on a model exhibition. Hard to believe but to back it up we still owned the LNER Travel wooden storage box it went over seas in with the following painted on (question marks where the paint has rubbed off):
Department of overseas trade
?.D.S. S? Number 5
Wood Lane
Shepherds Bush. W.
LNER Darlington
4ft. x 20in x 2ft2in Model Loco

Another model engine I have come across in old boxes in my fathers attic showing a photo of the 10000 hush hush which hand written on the back of the image saying "Another model made by Thomas Thompson". I have since found this model on show at the Head of Steam Museum in Darlington but no makers name on the model itself and donated to the National Railway Museum by British Rail.

If anyones got any information on the above i'd be very grateful.

Kind Regards
Mike Patten.
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Re: Finding lost original Engineering Models of the NER/LNER Engines

Post by richard »

Although there are some exceptions, generally I try to keep the model listings limited to those that have been for sale past or present - ie. kits or ready-to-run. Once it gets to the larger scales (live steam, garden, etc) then I have tended to have more exceptions.

Sorry I don't have any more information. The NRM would have been the obvious first place to check - especially if they have one of the models.
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Re: Finding lost original Engineering Models of the NER/LNER Engines

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It might also be worth contacting Head of Steam Museum in Darlington who have a number of models and hold records of NER employees.
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