Locomotive Scrapping

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Locomotive Scrapping

Post by kaelynpowlowski »

Is there any information & pictures on the net that shows & discribes Loco's being disposed of. This during the 50's -60's appart from Barry.
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Re: Locomotive Scrapping

Post by STAFFORDA4 »

A good start is to Google “What REALLY happened to steam”

And, believe it or not “What happened to steam”

Two different and distinctly separate camps of opinion, rather silly really

Either way this will give you an introduction to withdrawal and scrapping info and hopefully other links to more info. Good luck
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Re: Locomotive Scrapping

Post by silverfox »

The RaIlway Mag did an article on this sometime ago, when the 'What happened to steam' series had more holes than a colander

There is a group who is trying to rectify this,IIRC mainly in the locations of scrapping. I think that between the RO and the RM the withdrawn dates are pretty much ok
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