how are LNER trains now?

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how are LNER trains now?

Post by MarnelKelis »


Just before lockdown I retreated to Scotland to visit my elderly parents, I had no idea I would be here so long but I still am!

The time is coming to head back to my own flat in a couple of weeks, I love my parents but 3 unexpected months with them has been crazy.

I was wondering if anyone had travelled on LNER recently?

I'll be going Edinburgh to London
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Re: how are LNER trains now?

Post by richard »

It should be noted that this website is for the original LNER which was created in 1923 and became a part of British Railways at the beginning of 1948.
That said it also covers that region both before and after - which the modern LNER definitely overlaps with! There is no connection between the two except for marketing (trying to use an old, famous trademark!) and the modern LNER is based around the old LNER's mainline.

I did travel LNER KingsX to Leeds about 3 weeks ago and no problem. The new Hitachi sets have some much publicised issues with cracks so a lot of the trains have the older Class 91 sets rostered. Booked seats did not tally which led to some confusion but the train was very quiet - perhaps 10% full in my carriage, so it wasn't a big issue.

As ever, check engineering works/etc before travelling - there's a lot going on at KingsX at the moment.
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Re: how are LNER trains now?

Post by Mickey »

The last time that I travelled as a passenger on a main line train along the ECML was back in 1971 or 1972 pre-electrification in 1977 although I can tell by what I have seen it's worlds away from what it was like 50 years ago.
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Re: how are LNER trains now?

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The service works, the views in fine weather are as good as ever - pick a day of June sunshine! - remember to stabilise your beverage of choice on the curve at Morpeth. I'd suggest forking over for first - you likely deserve it after those three months - and it feels more like train travel, standard is like a London bus. (Fair notice, I truly enjoyed the 225 sets, the first worthy successor to the equipment the LNER handed over to BR.)
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Re: how are LNER trains now?

Post by jwealleans »

I was beside the line at Copmanthorpe on Monday afternoon and there were certainly plenty running, but I've yet to try an Azume, thanks to lockdown, so I can't say how they compare. The bloke i was visiting has been on them as his son-in-law drives them and he says what most people do, that the seats are hard and uncomfortable.
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Re: how are LNER trains now?

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Travelled on 5 LNER Azumas over the last two days. All ran as planned, on time, beautifully clean and very few people on them. What's not to like?
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