Being timed-out!

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Being timed-out!

Post by 2002EarlMarischal »

Hi Richard,

I have just spent what feels like an hour typing up a very detailed, and what I hoped would be useful response to another forum member, but of interest to others too.

I was called away by my wife and returned perhaps 10 minutes later to find that this posting box required me to log in again.

Upon doing so, I found that I was left with the original quote from the other member, but my hour's worth of typing was gone.

Is there some way of preventing this, because it is quite soul-destroying?

Sadly I can't waste another hour re-creating what I did.

Kind regards,

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Re: Being timed-out!

Post by 60800 »

Perhaps you could type it up in a word document then copy and paste it into the reply box?
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Re: Being timed-out!

Post by 52D »

Blackouts suggestion is probably the answer.
Hi interested in the area served by 52D. also researching colliery wagonways from same area.
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Re: Being timed-out!

Post by sawdust »

Save draft is the answer surely?

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Re: Being timed-out!

Post by richard »

Also, when you log in, there is the option to stay log in - this is what I do, and I've never had your problem.
(I do not recommend this on a public PC)

It is also possible that your browser or internet connection was partly to blame - e.g. if your ISP re-allocated your DNS address whilst you were gone, then the website would think you were on a different machine/address.
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