Linked pages opening in same page.

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Linked pages opening in same page.

Post by AndyG »

More a question than a suggestion.

I have Internet Explorer set to open linked pages in a separate window.

On all other forums I am on if I click a link it opens another window.
On this one it opens in the same window.
I am always clicking 'close' on the linked page only to find that I have closed this site as well and then have to reload it.

I've looked in the preferences and can't find anything to stop this.

Am I alone in this and is there any way to stop it?

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Re: Linked pages opening in same page.

Post by richard »

What you are observing here is actually considered "best practices" for web design. A link should open in the current browser window. Opening a new browser was considered bad form, although opening a new tab is now much more acceptable as tabbed browsers have become the norm.

All modern browsers now let you open a link in a new tab - typically by middle clicking or right clicking on the link (in Firefox, middle click opens in a new tabbed window; right click gives you options). Maybe because I've been doing this in Firefox for the past 8-9 years, it has become second nature!

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Re: Linked pages opening in same page.

Post by 65447 »

I find that this site is one of the very few left that opens a link in the same window/tab, so the suggestion of right-clicking to open in new tab is not second nature to most users.

Is now the time to reconsider this and open links in a new window/tab please?
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Re: Linked pages opening in same page.

Post by Bryan »

Is this the reason that when you open Say Neil Dimmers photo pages.
When you finish and click the back button you need to click back each page?
I often find it quicker to close the page completely and reenter the forum from the start again.

I use Chrome and do not have a centre click on the mouse.
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Re: Linked pages opening in same page.

Post by limitofshunt »

All browsers let you right click on a link to choose to open it in a new tab. Standard web browsing behaviour and definitely second nature to the majority of users.
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