G&R Wrenn Ltd to cease trading

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G&R Wrenn Ltd to cease trading

Post by Kestrel »

From the G&R Wrenn website http://www.gandr-wrenn.co.uk/news.htm

14th JULY 2015 It is with regret that the Directors of G & R Wrenn Ltd. have decided that we will cease trading from the middle of October 2015. Final details of Trading will be announced nearer the time, but between now and October it is unlikely that there will be any new items added to the Wrenn Catalogue. However, the advance notice does give you the opportunity to buy any of the existing wagons that are for sale on the web-site at their original prices. We will be listing a 'SALE' page of unfinished bodies and existing Parts and Spares on this site in the near future. This will give you a chance to buy your stock of spares etc. from the Company. We would like to thank you, our customers, for your support since we bought the Company in 2001.
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Re: G&R Wrenn Ltd to cease trading

Post by jwealleans »

Well, it's always a shame to see a name disappear, but it's a very long time since I felt the urge to buy anything from them so perhaps predictable. I assume they've been living on the collectors' market in recent years?
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Re: G&R Wrenn Ltd to cease trading

Post by Pennine MC »

Hate to say it, but I assumed they'd long gone anyway... reading the link though, there's obviously been a chain of unfortunate events.
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Re: G&R Wrenn Ltd to cease trading

Post by Seagull »

Can't remember when I last saw anything about them, but at a guess it must have been the 1990's!

Like Penine I thought they were long gone.

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