Peascliffe Tunnel Signal Box near Grantham

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Peascliffe Tunnel Signal Box near Grantham

Post by Iron Duke » Sun Oct 20, 2019 6:59 pm

I wonder if anyone has any information, or perhaps even a photograph of 'Peascliffe Tunnel Signal Box' which I think was situated on the Grantham side of the road bridge just south of the tunnel. There was also at one time a signal box positioned near to the north and south portals of the tunnel, so these are of great interest to me too.

Many thanks in anticipation of any reply :)

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Re: Peascliffe Tunnel Signal Box near Grantham

Post by Mickey » Sun Oct 20, 2019 7:54 pm

The second unnamed s/box that you may be referring to Iron Duke between the two tunnels was Belton which I believe it was closed during the early 1920s?. Once I go north of Peterborough the GN gets a bit hazy in regards to my route knowledge.
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Re: Peascliffe Tunnel Signal Box near Grantham

Post by thesignalman » Sun Oct 20, 2019 11:34 pm

I concur. Belton is the only permanent box I know of between Peascliffe and Barkston - closed 1922 I think.

Peascliffe itself closed in 1937.

In more recent times there was a "Peascliffe Temporary" for a few months in 1978 but winding the clock back i suspect the two boxes mentioned were "Peascliffe South" and "Peascliffe North" temporary boxes used during 1886. I think it is likely they were provided for sinbgle-line working for tunnel repairs.

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