GER Brake Van

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GER Brake Van

Post by billbedford » Wed Jan 22, 2020 6:17 pm

I have a GA which shows an early version of the GER 10ton 16ft brake van. It differs from the photo in LNER Wagons mainly with having a 9 ft wheelbase.. But also it has a couple of odd construction features. There are, if I have interpreted the drawing correctly, iron straps in an inverted 'V' running from the floor at the inner veranda posts to the centre of the cantrail. Also while it has beading covering the edges of the planking, there are also 3 more vertical strips of beading dividing the planked side into four pseudo-panels. This beading is stopped at the edges of the strapping, which seems to me a bit odd.

Does anyone know of a photo of one these early vans that could confirm the side details?
Bill Bedford
Mousa Models

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