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Window signs

Post by KeithW6042 »

Hi all.

Doing a spot of detailing on a coach, and wondered if anyone could shed any light on what might be printed below the word smoking?

Oh, also what this is written to the left of the set number. :?

Ta, and thanks.
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Re: Window signs

Post by silverfox »

Would it be worth contacting the NNR who have the Quad art set?
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Re: Window signs

Post by Trestrol »

I would suggest it's SMOKING PERMITTED or words to that effect. There are polo signs of SMOKING PROHIBITED fitted to some of the Gresley stock on the NYMR. Another option is that it's a sponsored SMOKING sign, I think they did a deal with Players cigarettes and the signs had the name Players on them.
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Re: Window signs

Post by 65447 »

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