LNER 4-6-0 Locomotives

Originally introduced to Britain in 1894 for freight haulage, 4-6-0 locomotives ("Ten-Wheelers" in American railroad jargon) became the predominant type for express and mixed traffic duties. By 1948 4-6-0s in Britain were outnumbered only by 0-6-0s and 0-6-0Ts, and British Railways built more 4-6-0s than any other type.

Three of the LNER constituents built 4-6-0s. The NER pioneered the type for passenger work in Britain in 1899. Finding they lacked the required power for express working, it used its 102 4-6-0s on secondary passenger and express freight duties. In the early 20th Century several other companies introduced 4-6-0s but often encountered similar difficulties, including the GCR, who reverted to four-coupled locos for express work despite producing 90 4-6-0s to a variety of two- and four-cylinder designs from 1902 onwards. Meanwhile the GER had more success with its distinctive inside-cylinder 4-6-0s introduced in 1911, 70 being acquired by the LNER.

Unlike his contemporaries, Gresley does not appear to have liked the wheel arrangement - probably due to his preference for a wide firebox. Other than the building of 52 locomotives of pre-existing 4-6-0 classes, he would only introduce one 4-6-0 class: the B17 Sandringham Class for use on former Great Eastern Railway (GER) routes.

Thompson's standardisation programme included a conventional 4-6-0 mixed traffic class in the form of his Class B1. Construction of the Thompson B1s would continue into BR ownership and they became the most numerous 4-6-0 LNER class.

4-6-0 Tender Locomotives

ClassBuilderDesignerFirst Built Last WithdrawalComments
B1 GCR Robinson 1903 1947 Renumbered as B18 in 1943.
B2 GCR Robinson 1912 1947 "Sir Sam Fay" Class. Renumbered as B19 in 1945.
B3 GCR Robinson 1917 1949 "Lord Faringdon"
B4 GCR Robinson 1906 1950 "Immingham" Class
B5 GCR Robinson 1902 1950 "Fish" Engines
B6 GCR Robinson 1902 1950
B7 GCR Robinson 1921 1950 "Black Pigs" / "Colliers' Friends"
B8 GCR Robinson 1913 1949 "Glenalmonds"
B9 GCR Robinson 1906 1949
B12 GER/LNER S.D. Holden 1911 1961 GER S69 / "1500" Class
B13 NER W.Worsdell 1899 1951
B14 NER W.Worsdell 1900 1931
B15 NER Raven 1911 1947
B16 NER Raven 1919 1964
B17 LNER Gresley 1928 1960 "Sandringham" / "Footballer" Class
B18 GCR Robinson 1903 1947 Reclassification from B1 in 1943.
B19 GCR Robinson 1912 1947 Reclassification from B2 in 1945
B1 LNER/BR Thompson 1942 1967 "Antelope Class" ("Bongoes")
B2 LNER/BR Thompson 1945 1959 Rebuild of Class B17