The LNER 4-4-2 Atlantic Locomotives

Britain's first Atlantic appeared on the Great Northern Railway (GNR) in 1898 as an enlargement of the ubiquitous 4-4-0 for express work, building 116 examples of various designs. Although a year later the North Eastern Railway (NER) pioneered the alternative 4-6-0 type for express work, it introduced its own versions of the Atlantic from 1903, supplying 72 to the LNER. When the North British Railway (NBR) also constructed 22 of the type, the entire East Coast route from Kings Cross to Aberdeen was dominated by Atlantics for the top expresses. By then the Great Central Railway (GCR) had also built 31 4-4-2s (as well as 4-6-0s).

By Grouping (1923), the Atlantic design had been superceded by Pacifics, and the LNER built no Atlantics of its own. 52 survived to Nationalisation (1948).

4-4-2 Tender Locomotives

ClassBuilderDesignerFirst Built Last WithdrawalComments
C1 GNR Ivatt 1902 1950
C2 GNR Ivatt 1898 1945 'Klondikes'
C4 GCR Robinson 1903 1950 'Jersey Lilies'
C5 GCR Robinson 1905 1947
C6 NER W.Worsdell 1903 1948
C7 NER Raven 1911 1948
C8 NER W.Worsdell 1906 1935
C9 LNER Gresley 1931 1943 Rebuild of C7.
C10 NBR Reid 1911 1925 Rebuilt as C11
C11 NBR Reid 1906 1939 Superheated C10

4-4-2 Tank Locomotives

The 4-4-2T arrangement was built by the GCR, NBR, and GNR for suburban passenger services. The LNER did not build any further 4-4-2T tank engines, but it did take over three 4-4-2T locomotives from the Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway (M&GN) in 1937. The Atlantic tanks survived rather better than their tender counterparts, with all but 14 being inherited by BR.

ClassBuilderDesignerFirst Built Last WithdrawalComments
C12 GNR Ivatt 1898 1958
C13 GCR Robinson 1903 1960
C14 GCR Robinson 1907 1960
C15 NBR Reid 1911 1960 "Yorkies"
C16 NBR Reid 1915 1961
C17 M&GN Marriott 1904 1944 Taken over by the LNER in 1937