The LNER Electric Locomotives

The LNER operated a suprising variety of electric locomotives and multiple units. Although its electric operations were eclipsed by the Southern, the LNER had the largest electric locomotive stud of the Big Four companies, thanks to the NER's interest in main-line electrification. 13 locos of various types were inherited by the LNER, and all survived to Nationalisation. The LNER built the first of its planned fleet for its Manchester-Sheffield/Wath electrification scheme. This locomotive was on loan to the Netherlands State Railway at Nationalisation. British Railways built another 57 of this type plus seven passenger locomotives for the Manchester-Sheffield/Wath scheme when it was revived.

The Electric Locomotives

ClassWheelsBuilderDesignerFirst Built Last WithdrawalComments
ES1 Bo-Bo NER W.Worsdell 1905 1964 Electric Locos Nos. 1-2
EF1 Bo-Bo NER Raven 1914 1950 Electric Freight Locos Nos. 3-12
EB1 Bo-Bo NER Raven 1941 1964 Rebuild of EF1 for Woodhead banking
EE1 2-Co-2 NER Raven 1922 1950 Express Electric Loco No. 13
EM1 Bo-Bo LNER Gresley 1941 1981 Woodhead Route, BR Class 76
EM2 Co-Co BR 1953 1968 Woodhead Route, BR Class 77

Electric Multiple Units

Electric multiple units did not receive their own class designations. Instead, they are usually referred to by the route for which they were designed. Stock also tended to have a number of minor variations, so it is listed here on a per-route basis, with further divisions if design variations are significant. Miscellaneous cars (eg. de-icers) are included with their respective route stock.

Route/StockBuilderFirst BuiltLast WithdrawalComments
NER Tyneside NER 1904 1956
LNER Tyneside LNER 1937 1967 Replacements for NER Tyneside stock
Manchester South Junction & Altrincham LMS / LNER 1931 1971 LMS/LNER joint ownership
Northern Line Tube Stock London Transport 1938 Now on the Isle of Wight as Class 483
Liverpool Street to Shenfield LNER/BR 1949 1981 BR Class 306
Glossop Line LNER/BR 1954 1984 BR Class 506

Tram Cars

At Grouping (1923), the LNER took over two small electric tramway systems. These and their tram cars are described on the following two pages:

Cruden Bay GNSR 1899 1945 Officially closed at the end of 1940
Grimsby & Immingham GCR 1911 1961 Steam railcar from 1910-12