The LNER 2-4-2 Locomotives

The 2-4-2T was adopted by many companies for local passenger work (and in at least one case for semi-fast duties). The LNER inherited 341 at Grouping (1923), and did not build any of its own. Due to the large numbers inherited from the Great Eastern Railway (GER), they outnumbered all other four-coupled tank designs.

ClassBuilderDesignerFirst Built Last WithdrawalComments
F1 GCR Parker 1889 1949
F2 GCR Pollitt 1898 1950
F3 GER J.Holden 1893 1953
F4 GER T.W.Worsdell and S.D.Holden 1884 1956
F5 GER T.W.Worsdell and S.D.Holden 1903 1958
F6 GER S.D.Holden 1904 1958
F7 GER S.D.Holden 1909 1948 "Crystal Palace Tanks"
F8 NER T.W.Worsdell 1886 1938
F9 CV&HR 1887 1930