The GNSR Johnson G10 0-4-4T Locomotives

GNSR Johnson G10 0-4-4T at Kittybrewster

Manson designed a series of 0-6-0T engines (LNER J90 and J91) which were used on the newly inaugurated Aberdeen suburban trains. It is thought that Manson realised the solution was a new 0-4-4T type, but due to a lack of funds this was not realised until the tenure of James Johnson in 1893. These locomotives were influenced by James Johnson's Midland Railway origins.

Between 1916 and 1922, all nine members of the class were rebuilt with new boilers.

The Aberdeen suburban services were discontinued in April 1937. As this was their only work, six engines would be withdrawn before the end of 1937, one in 1939, and another in 1940. Remarkably, No. 6887 survived as the Inverurie pilot through to 1947.

Technical Details

The following is from GNR Records of the 1906 rebuild.

Cylinders (x2): 17.5x26in.
Boiler: Diameter (max): 4ft 6in
Length: 10ft 6in
Heating Surface: Total: 1172.5 sq.ft.
Firebox: 113.5 sq.ft.
Tubes: 1059 sq.ft.
Grate Area: 18.24 sq.ft.
Wheels: Coupled: 5ft
Trailing: 3ft 0.5in
Tractive Effort (85%): 18,612lb
Length: 34ft 1.5in
Total Wheelbase: 22ft
Coal Capacity: 2 tons 0cwt
Water Capacity: 1200 gallons


None of the G10s survived into preservation. The last was withdrawn in 1947.


SM Models produced an etched kit of the G10 for 7mm scale (O gauge).