LNER Internal Combustion Locomotives

Although all four post-Grouping companies pursued diesel traction, it was the LMS shunters and GWR railcars that were the most numerous. The LNER commissioned just five shunters, all of which lasted to Nationalisation (1948). They were preceded by a 1932 shunter that initially ran on LNER lines without being purchased. The LNER also inherited petrol locomotives from the GER and NBR, and purchased a third. All three survived to Nationalisation.

Also listed here are two experimental locomotives that ran trials on LNER metals, one a hybrid steam-diesel.

Internal Combustion Locomotives

ClassBuilderDesignerFirst Built Last WithdrawalComments
Z6 / Y11 Simplex 1921 1956 Petrol Shunters
Graz 0-4-0 Simmerung-Graz-Pauker 1924 ? Diesel Hydraulic
 J45 / DES1  English Electric 1944 1967 Diesel Shunters
DES2 Brush 1949 1962 Diesel Shunter
0-6-0 Armstrong Whitworth 1932 1933 Ran trials only before transfer
1-Co-1 Armstrong Whitworth 1933 1934 Experimental diesel-electric
Kitson-Still Kitson&Co, Leeds 1927 1935 Experimental steam-diesel hybrid
DS1173 Drewry/Vulcan Foundry 1947 1968 Diesel Mechanical 0-6-0

The LNER also had 10 narrow gauge internal combustion locomotives. These were used for a variety of different purposes including "passing through [creosote] tanks", moving spoil, and the infilling of the Hull Queen's Dock. These were made by Baguley/McEwan Pratt, Motor Rail & Tram, and Ruston & Hornsby; and gauges ranged between 2ft and 3ft. The records for these locomotives is fragmentary.

Internal Combustion Railcars

The LNER inherited a number of railcars with internal combustion. Most were built on a trial basis and were never purchased in larger numbers.

Builder and TypeFirst BuiltLast WithdrawalComments
NER Inspection Car 1908 1939 NER Petrol Inspection Cars
NER Petrol-Electric Autocars 1903 1931
NER Petrol Rail Motor Bus 1922 1927
NER Petrol Autocar 1923 1934
GCR Petrol-Electric Railcar 1912 1935 'Bollington Bug'
Armstrong Whitworth Diesel-Electric Railcars 1933 1939
Metro-Vick-Cammell Railcar 1937 1951 (re-gauge)