The Sacre GCR Class 7 Locomotives

GCR Class '7' No. 11B at Wrexham shed

The Class 7 shunter was Sacre's last design before he retired from the Manchester Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway (later, Great Central Railway / GCR). A total of six were built in 1885, and numbered 525-30. Unlike Sacre's earlier Class 18T (LNER J59) 0-6-0 shunters which were fitted with saddletanks, the Class 7s had long side tanks that extended all the way to the front of the smokebox. These tanks restricted access to the inside motion, leading to nicknames of 'Piano Tanks' and 'Orange Boxes'.

In 1893, the Class 7s were renumbered 10-15, and four were placed on the duplicate list 1919-20.

During their lives the Class 7s remained virtually unchanged although they did acquire Robinson-style chimneys. Simple vacuum brakes were fitted as standard, but No. 11B had an automatic vacuum brake fitted in May 1921.

In the 1890s, Nos. 12, 13, and 15 were allocated to Mexborough; Nos 11 and 14 to Liverpool; and No. 10 to Sheffield. In their latter years, Nos. 10B, 11B, and 13B were allocated to Wrexham, where they were well regarded by the enginemen.

Between 1920 and 1921, Nos 12B, 13B, 14, and 15B were withdrawn. The LNER withdrew the remaining Class 7s in 1923, before they were given LNER numbers or classification. No. 10B was withdrawn in March 1923, and No. 11B was withdrawn in July 1923.

Technical Details

Cylinders (x2): (inside) 15x20in.
Motion: Stephenson
Valves: Slide
Boiler: Diameter (max): 4ft
Length: 9ft 4.5in
Boiler Pressure: 130psi
Heating Surface: Total: 861 sq.ft.
Firebox: 89 sq.ft.
Tubes: 772 sq.ft. (174x 1.75in dia.)
Grate Area: 13 sq.ft.
Wheels: 3ft 9.5in
Total Wheelbase: 13ft
Tractive Effort: (at 85%) 10,928 lb
Length: 26ft 9.75in
Weight: 38t 2cwt
Max. Axle Load: 13t 10cwt
Water Capacity: 800 gallons
Coal Capacity: 1t 10cwt


All of the GCR Class 7 locomotives were withdrawn and scrapped. The last two survivors were withdrawn by the LNER in 1923.


I am not aware of any models of the Class 7 0-6-0T locomotives.