The M. Stirling J80 (H&BR Class G2) 0-6-0 Tank Engines

J80 No. 2448 at Immingham in 1926

These three locomotives were the first tank engines designed by Matthew Stirling for the Hull & Barnsley Railway (H&BR). They followed Stirling tradition with their tidy appearance and domeless boiler. All three were built by Robert Stephenson & Co. in 1892.

All three J80s required new boilers at the time of Grouping (1923). In May 1923, No. 2449 received a Diagram 69 boiler taken from an NER '901' Class 2-4-0. The other two J80s (Nos. 2448 & 2450) received Diagram 71B boilers in 1924. The Diagram 71B boiler was a domed modification of the original Diagram 71A boiler, and was also fitted to the J75, N12 0-6-2T, and N13 0-6-2T classes. During the boiler rebuilds, all three J80s received North Eastern Railway (NER) style whistles, but kept their H&BR chimneys.

The J80s were initially fitted with vacuum brakes, but all were converted to steam brakes before NER ownership in 1922.

Although similar to the J75 development of this class, the J80s also worked some passenger services due to their vacuum brakes and larger wheels. Before World War 1, they were often used for light passenger and excursion services. Their non-passenger duties during this time included coal trains on the Monckton and Monk Bretton branches.

The LNER transferred No. 2448 to Immingham in 1925. The LNER used the other two J80s for shunting duties at Hull. No. 2448 was withdrawn in 1930. The Hull J80s were both withdrawn in summer 1931.

Technical Details

Cylinders (x2): (inside) 18x26in.
Motion: Stephenson
Valves: Slide
Boiler: Diameter (max): 4ft 3in
Length: 10ft
Boiler Pressure: 150psi
Diagram No: 71A
Heating Surface: Total: 1050 sq.ft.
Firebox: 100 sq.ft.
Tubes: 950 sq.ft. (198x 1.75in dia.)
Grate Area: 16.25 sq.ft.
Wheels: 5ft
Total Wheelbase: 15ft 6in
Tractive Effort: (at 85%) 17,901 lb
Length: 31ft 7in
Weight: 45t 15cwt
Max. Axle Load: 17t 6cwt
Water Capacity: 850 gallons
Coal Capacity: 3t 5cwt


None of the J80s survived into preservation.


I am not aware of any models of the J80s in any scale.