The E&WYUR J85 0-6-0T Locomotives

EWYUR J85 No. 3114 at Ardsley

The East & West Yorkshire Union Railway (E&WYUR) was a short 9 mile line that served collieries in the area south of Leeds. When it was taken over by the LNER on 1st July 1923, its locomotive stock consisted of four 0-6-0STs (LNER J84 and J85) and two 0-6-2STs (LNER N19). All were built by the local Leeds company of Manning Wardle & Co. The 0-6-0ST classifications duplicated the classifications already allocated to two Wheatley-designed North British Railway locomotive types (NBR J84 and J85). However the duplication ceased when the NBR locomotives were withdrawn in 1924.

Three of the 0-6-2STs (LNER N19) were delivered in 1898-9. These were similar to the existing 0-6-0STs (LNER J84) but the coupled wheels were smaller (3ft 9in). The 0-6-2STs proved to be useful engines on the sharp E&WYUR curves, but the trailing wheels had the effect of reducing adhesion. Hence in August 1919, 0-6-2ST No. 4 was completely rebuilt by Manning Wardle & Co. as an 0-6-0ST. The 3ft 9in wheels were kept. The new wheelbase matched that of the J84s although the centre axle was 3in further forward due to the slightly larger firebox. A larger saddletank was also fitted.

On entering LNER ownership, No. 4 was renumbered as No. 3114 and given the classification of J85. Neither of the remaining N19s were rebuilt as J85s.

After the rebuild, No. 4 quickly earned a reputation of being the E&WYUR's strongest locomotive. In fact, No. 4 had a lower tractive effort than the J84s but they were capable of hauling more wagons due to their smaller wheels and better adhesion.

No. 3114 was modified at Doncaster in 1929. Modifications included the use of some components taken from the withdrawn J84 No. 3113. These included No. 3113's smaller water tank, and smokebox door.

No. 3114 was the last surviving E&WYUR locomotive when it was finally withdrawn in 1933.

Technical Details

Cylinders (x2): (inside) 17x24in.
Motion: Stephenson
Valves: Slide
Boiler: Diameter (max): 3ft 10in
Length: 10ft 5in
Boiler Pressure: 140psi
Heating Surface: Total: 888 sq.ft.
Firebox: 99 sq.ft.
Tubes: 789 sq.ft. (150x 1.87in dia.)
Grate Area: 16.3 sq.ft.
Wheels: 3ft 9in
Total Wheelbase: 14ft 6in
Tractive Effort: (at 85%) 18,342 lb
Length: 31ft 8in
Weight: 40t
Max. Axle Load: 16t
Water Capacity: 1000 gallons
Coal Capacity: 2t


The sole E&WYUR J85 did not survive into preservation.


I am not aware of any models of the E&WYUR J85 in any scale.