The Manson J90 (GNSR Class D) 0-6-0T Locomotives

J90 No. 6839 at Kittybrewster in the late 1920s

Most of the shunting and local goods workings on the Great North of Scotland Railway (GNSR) was performed by older tender locomotives. This changed in 1884 when Manson introduced the six Class D (LNER J90) 0-6-0T side tank locomotives. They were built by Kitson & Co, and were followed by three very similar 0-6-0Ts in 1885 (LNER J91).

The cabs were well designed for the time period and weather conditions. They had gangway doors, and sliding shutters that enabled the cab apertures to be reduced in poor weather.

All six locomotives were built with hand brakes, but Westinghouse brakes were fitted in about 1890.

Between 1907 and 1911, all of the J90s received new boilers built by Vulcan Foundry or Inverurie. The rebuilds also replaced the original tall Manson chimneys with shorter Johnson chimneys. Ramsbottom valves were retained during the rebuilds, but they would eventually be replaced by the LNER with Ross pop safety valves.

The J90s were initially used for main line pick-up goods trains. From 1887, they were also used on the Aberdeen suburban ('Jubilee') trains, although they were eventually displaced by the G10 0-4-4Ts.

After Grouping (1923), the J90s were usually shunting local goods traffic in the Kittybrewster and Waterloo areas. They were also seen on the Alford branch, and occasionally shunting at Keith. Withdrawals started in 1932 and were completed by 1936.

Technical Details

Cylinders (x2): (inside) 16x24in.
Motion: Stephenson
Valves: Slide
Boiler: Diameter (max): 4ft
Length: 10ft 6in
Boiler Pressure: 150psi
Diagram No: 91
Heating Surface: Total: 846 sq.ft.
Firebox: 71.8 sq.ft.
Tubes: 774.2 sq.ft. (158x 1.75in dia.)
Grate Area: 14.82 sq.ft.
Wheels: 4ft 6in
Total Wheelbase: 13ft 8in
Tractive Effort: (at 85%) 14,507 lb
Length: 30ft 0.75in
Weight: 42t
Max. Axle Load: 16t
Water Capacity: 900 gallons
Coal Capacity: 1t 10cwt


None of the J90 tank engines survived into preservation.


I am not aware of any models of the J90s in any scale.