LNER 2-6-0 Mogul Locomotives

The Mogul was a versatile type, superseding the 0-6-0 for freight or substituting for the 4-6-0 as a mixed traffic design. The GER introduced 2-6-0s for coal haulage as early as 1878 but had all been withdrawn by 1887, while later US-built freight locos bought by the GCR and GNR as stop-gaps were also short-lived. The 85 2-6-0s inherited by the LNER were therefore all from the GNR, where Gresley followed his two-cylinder design of 1912 with Britain’s first three-cylinder Moguls in 1920, the K3. Both classes survived intact into BR days. Another 189 three-cylinder 2-6-0s were added by the LNER, all but the final six being K3s. Under Thompson the LNER then returned to the two-cylinder concept, commencing with two rebuilds, but none of the 70 new locos constructed preceded nationalisation.

A number of the LNER constituent companies operated 2-6-0 Moguls, but virtually all were withdrawn before Grouping in 1923. The GER built some for hauling coal in 1878, but these were not a success and all had been withdrawn by 1887. The GCR, GNR, and Midland Railway ordered many 2-6-0 freight locomotives from the USA to meet short term motive power shortages. Designed for short working lives, these had all been scrapped by 1915. At about this time both Churchward on the Great Western Railway (GWR) and Gresley on the GNR realised that a 2-6-0 design could be used for a fast freight locomotive incorporating modern design features such as superheating. Three Gresley 2-6-0 Mogul classes entered LNER ownership at Grouping, and were considered very successful locomotives. The LNER built a further 189 Gresley 2-6-0s.

Thompson included a 2-6-0 as a part of his standardisation plan but only rebuilt two locomotives during his tenure. Peppercorn amended his final design and put it into production.

ClassBuilderDesignerFirst Built Last WithdrawalComments
K1 GNR Gresley 1912 1936 "Ragtimer"
K2 GNR Gresley 1913 1961 Larger K1, also "Ragtimer"
K3 GNR/LNER Gresley 1920 1961 'Jazzers'
K4 LNER Gresley 1937 1960 West Highland Moguls
K5 LNER Thompson 1945 1959 Rebuild of K3
K1 LNER/BR Thompson/ Peppercorn 1945 1966 Based on K4