The Y2 0-4-0ST Manning Wardle Shunters

Y2 0-4-0T

The MS&LR (Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway) purchased a variety of different 0-6-0 and 0-4-0 shunting locomotives from a number of different contractors. These were given the classification of 4, by the MS&LR and its successor the GCR. The 0-6-0 members of this classification were reclassified as J61 by the LNER. The newest of the 0-4-0s were the only members to survive to the LNER and were given the classification of Y2.

These two locomotives were purchased in 1883 from Manning, Wardle & Co, and were of their Class H type. Originally numbered 511 & 512, they were renumbered as 62 & 63 in 1893, and then 62B & 63B in 1909. In 1924, the LNER renumbered 511 as 6431, and 512 as 6430. Both were finally withdrawn in 1931, and replaced by Sentinel Shunters.

The Y2s spent most of their lives as dock shunters at Grimsby and then Immingham. They also visited Liverpool before 1914, and there exists a photo of No. 63 at Woodford in 1903.

Both locomotives changed little during their lives. During GCR ownership, both received Robinson chimneys. There were minor differences between the two. For example, no. 6430 had wooden bars near he cab to hold a tarpaulin, and a toolbox on the right-hand side. No 6430 received a new boiler in October 1921, and it is possible that this boiler was of a slightly different size.

Technical Details

In total, there were four variations of the Y1, and one variation of the Y3. The following table summarises the technical details:

Cylinders (x2): 14x18in.
Boiler: Diameter: 3ft 2 1/8in
Length: 9ft 4 5/16in
Heating Surface: Total: 561 sq.ft.
Firebox: 43 sq.ft.
Tubes: 518 sq.ft.
Grate Area: 6.6 sq.ft.
Wheels: 3ft
Total Wheelbase: 5ft 6in
Tractive Effort: 10,824 lb
Length: 21ft 8in
Weight: (full) 20t 7cwt
Water Capacity: 550 gallons
Coal Capacity: 8cwt


Both members of Class Y2 were withdrawn in 1931, and did not survive into preservation.


Brunell Models have produced a 5" gauge live steam model of the Y2 in the past.