The Z4 (GNSR X) Manning Wardle 0-4-2T Shunters

From its formation, the GNSR wanted to use locomotives to work traffic at Aberdeen Docks, but the Harbour Commissioners would only allow horse haulage. In 1915, an agreement was made and the GNSR purchased two locomotives (class Z5) from Manning, Wardle & Co to work the docks. These were overweight by 2 tons, and a further two locomotives were ordered. Originally classified as Class X, by the GNSR, they were initially classified with the Z5s as Z5 by the LNER. Then in April 1927, they were given their own class designation of Z4.

Z4 Manning Wardle 0-4-2T

These two engines were originally numbered 116 and 117, but renumbered to 43 and 44 in April 1916. In 1923, the LNER added 6800 to all of the GNSR locomotives, to give 6843 and 6844. These then became 8190 and 8191 with the 1943 renumbering. Under BR ownership, 60000 was added, as with all other LNER engines. 68191 (originally 117) was withdrawn in 1959, and 68190 (originally 116) was withdrawn in 1960.

Both of the Z4s spent most of their lives working at Aberdeen Docks. Occasionally they would run local goods trains, and be hired out to private owners.

Both engines remained virtually unchanged during their lives. They even kept their original boilers because there were no spares available. After Grouping, both Z4s kept their GNSR livery (black with red and yellow lining) until WW2 - completely skipping the LNER liveries of black lined with red, and unlined black. However, they were marked with "L N E R" lettering, and during WW2 they were painted in unlined black.

Technical Details

Cylinders: (x2 outside) 13x20in.
Motion: Gear: Stephenson
Valves: slide
Boiler: Diameter (max): 3ft 5in
Length: 8ft 10in
Heating Surface: Total: 498 sq.ft.
Firebox: 48 sq.ft.
Tubes: 450 sq.ft.
Grate Area: 7.88 sq.ft.
Wheels: Coupled: 3ft 6in
Trailing: 2ft 6in
Total Wheelbase: 11ft 1in
Tractive Effort: 10,260 lb
Length: 23ft 4in
Weight: (full) 22t 17cwt
Max. Axle Load: 9t 12cwt
Water Capacity: 400 gallons
Coal Capacity: 1 ton


The last Z4 was withdrawn in 1960. No Z4s survive.


Agenoria Models sell a 7mm scale (O gauge) kit of the Z4.