This section of the LNER Encyclopedia describes all of the locomotive classes to serve with the LNER.

Designation Wheel Arrangement
/ Type
Name / Comments
A 4-6-2 Pacific
B 4-6-0  
C 4-4-2 Atlantic
D 4-4-0  American: D1-D25; D26 - D51 
E 2-4-0  
F 2-4-2  
G 0-4-4  
H 4-4-4  
J 0-6-0  J1-J20; J21-J41; J45-J69; J70-J94 
K 2-6-0 Mogul
L 2-6-4  
M 0-6-4  
N 0-6-2  
O 2-8-0  includes WD 2-10-0 
P 2-8-2 Mikado
Q 0-8-0  
R 0-8-2  
S 0-8-4  
T 4-8-0  
U 2-8-0 + 0-8-2 Garratt
V 2-6-2 Prairie
W 4-6-4 "Hush-Hush"
X 4-2-2 and 2-2-4 Singles
Y 0-4-0  
Z 0-4-2T + Miscellaneous
Internal Combustion Petrol & Diesel


The LNER would often denote major modifications with a slash. E.g. B16/2 is a modified B16. Occasionally such modifications would be so substantial that a completely new class number would be given (eg. an A3 is a modified A1). Modifications of the same class typically share the same webpage.

Thompson and Peppercorn both reused class numbers. Reused class numbers are prefixed with the engineer's name.


Thank you to Ray Fisher for writing most of the introductory text for each wheel arrangement.