1910 Great Central Railway Company
(12/1915 - 11/1918 Admiralty requisition)
1923 LNER
1948 British Transport Commission


100 1st class, 10 2nd class and 300 emigrant class.
Post-1945, 12 passengers only.


Grimsby to Continental ports


Earle's Ship Building & Engineering Co. Ltd., Hull (yard no. 565)

Launched 07/06/1910  Completed 08/1910


GRT: 1629grt

Length: 265ft.

Beam: 36ft.

Engine builder

Earle's Ship Building & Engineering Co. Ltd., Hull


Steam triple expansion, 22", 35", 60" x 42", 309NHP.
Single screw, 13 knots.


Requisitioned in 1915, she became a P.O.W. accommodation ship, then in 1940 on English Channel services. In 1917-1918 she was a Training Ship based at Portsmouth. Post-war she was briefly chartered for GER's Rotterdam to Harwich repatriation service before taking up the Grimsby - Hamburg route.
September 1939 saw her on Hull to Antwerp and Dunkirk runs before being sent to Hartlepool in June 1940 as an intended blockship in the event of a German invasion.
 Between February and July 1942 she was fitted out as a Convoy Rescue Ship, making her first sailing in the August. This role continued until May 1945 by which time this small vessel had made 40 convoy crossings of the Atlantic and rescued 138 people.
1946 saw on the Harwich - Antwerp service, making her last sailing in January 1951 and being sold for breaking at Dunston-on-Tyne where she arrived on 3 May 1951.


Compiled by George Robinson.