Dewsbury (c. G.Robinson)


1910 Great Central Railway Company
1923 LNER
1948 British  Transport Commission


100 1st class, 10 2nd class and 300 emigrant class.
Post-1945, 12 passengers only.


Grimsby to Rotterdam, later Hamburg.
1951-59: Harwich-Antwerp


Earle's Ship Building & Engineering Co. Ltd., Hull (yard no. 564)
Launched 14/04/1910  Completed 06/1910


GRT: 1631grt

Length: 265ft.

Beam: 36ft.

Engine builder

Earle's Ship Building & Engineering Co. Ltd., Hull


Steam triple expansion, 22", 35", 60" x 42", 309NHP.
Single screw, 13 knots.


The first of five sisters one of which, BLACKBURN, was lost on her maiden voyage. DEWSBURY was delivered in time to join the celebrations at the opening of her owner's new dock at Immingham in June 1910. Wartime service saw her on irregular services to the Netherlands, and later on the Fishguard - Rosslare service of the GWR, and post-war chartered to the GER for repatriation voyages from Rotterdam to Harwich. Reverted to Rotterdam then Hamburg services before being upgraded in 1936 and moving to the Hull-Rotterdam route under AHL management opposite the MELROSE ABBEY.
From September 1939 she was on the Heysham - Belfast run, then in 1940 on English Channel services. Between July and September 1941 she was fitted out as a Convoy Rescue Ship, making her first sailing in the December. This role continued until June 1945 and she gained a reputation as a 'lucky ship' due to the few casualties incurred in the convoys she accompanied.
Post-war saw her refitted for the Rotterdam service but soon moved to the former GER Harwich - Antwerp run which she served with limited passenger accommodation (12) until withdrawn in January 1959 and being broken up at Antwerp, arriving there on 10 March 1959.


Compiled by George Robinson.