1911 Great Central Railway Company
1923 LNER


100 1st. class, 10 2nd class and 300 emigrant class.
Post-1945, 12 passengers only.


Grimsby to Continental ports


Earle's Ship Building & Engineering Co. Ltd., Hull (yard no. 577)
Launched 15/05/1911  Completed 07/1911


GRT: 1637grt

Length: 265ft.

Beam: 36ft.

Engine builder

Earle's Ship Building & Engineering Co. Ltd., Hull


Steam triple expansion, 22", 35", 60" x 42", 309NHP.
Single screw, 13 knots.


After being employed as a cable carrier for the Navy from July 1941, she was requisitioned as a Convoy Rescue Ship and refitted on the Mersey, making her first sailing in the December. Through 1942 and into 1943 she gave good service, escorting convoys on the Atlantic and rescued 413 sea and air crew, 256 of them within 34 hours in one convoy in November 1942.
She sailed again from the Clyde on 11 February 1943 and it is known that by 24th she had at least 91 survivors on board, in addition to her crew of 64. She was not heard from again and is believe to have been torpedoed, possibly by U.604 at 47.22N 34.10W.


Compiled by George Robinson.