Vienna / Roulers


1894 Great Eastern Railway Company
(01/1915 - 08/1919 Admiralty requisition)
1923 LNER


218 1st class and 120 2nd Class berths (overnight service)


1894 Harwich - Hoek van Holland
1910 Harwich - Antwerp
1920 Harwich - Zeebrugge


Earle's Ship Building & Engineering Co. Ltd., Hull (yard no. 387)

Launched 18/07/1894 Completed 10/1894


GRT: 1745

Length: 302.5ft

Beam: 36.1ft

Engine builder

Earle's Ship Building & Engineering Co. Ltd., Hull


2 sets of triple expansion engines, 26.5", 40", 62" x 36", 447NHP. Twin screws, 18 knots.


Sister to AMSTERDAM and BERLIN (lost 1907). Used as an accommodation ship late in 1914, then requisitioned by the Admiralty in 01/1915, she served first as a submarine decoy 'Q' ship under the name ANTWERP before becoming an armed boarding steamer from 04/1915. Returned to the G.E.R. in 08/1919 when she was renamed ROULERS. Under this last name, she covered a seasonal alternate days overnight service to Zeebrugge.

Broken up at Blyth in March 1930.


Compiled by George Robinson.