Local LNER Carriages

'Local' carriages were used on local, semi-fast and branch line as well as suburban services, and included the twin, quad and quint articulated sets.

Prototype Information for the Hornby 'Local' Carriages

Mike Bootman and the LNER Society have collated some information for the prototypes recently released as OO models by Hornby.

Any introduction of a new model prompts a number of questions about the prototype. In compiling these carriage information sheets we hope to anticipate questions about when and where built, where used, and what numbers did they carry? The information is sufficient for most purposes and provided courtesy of the LNER Society, which promotes and supports interest in all matters LNER - membership is open to all with similar interests.

Mike has also produced similar sheets for the Diagram 245 Vestibuled Brake Van Pigeon BGP. This has been listed on the LNER Non-Passenger Coaching Stock (NPCS) page.


Thank you to Mike Bootman and the LNER Society for collating the above information for the local coaches.