LNER 4-4-4 Locomotives

The 4-4-4 wheel arrangement was never popular with British designers, probably because a six-coupled design was also suitable for locomotives of this size, and also provided extra adhesion. The GWR and the LMS, both owned a couple of 4-4-4s each. All of the other British 4-4-4s (53 in total) were operated by the LNER at some point or another. Most of these were built by the North Eastern Railway (NER) and rebuilt by the LNER into 4-6-2Ts or withdrawn.

ClassBuilderDesignerFirst Built Last WithdrawalComments
H1 NER Raven 1913 1935 Rebuilt as Class A8
H2 Metropolitan Jones 1920 1947 Taken over from London Transport in 1937