Engineers of the LNER

(Note: The use of the word engineer is with the English meaning of "locomotive designer", and not the American meaning of "engine driver".)

The LNER railway is probably most famous for its express passenger locomotives designed by their Chief Mechanical Engineer (CME) Sir Nigel Gresley. The LNER also had two other CMEs, and used many locomotives inherited from its predecessors or designed by contemporaries:

CMEs of the LNER

Sir Nigel Gresley
Edward Thompson
Arthur H. Peppercorn

CMEs of the Great Eastern Railway (GER)

Robert Sinclair
Samuel W. Johnson
Massey Bromley
Thomas W. Worsdell
James Holden
S.D. Holden
A. J. Hill

CMEs of the Great Central Railway (GCR) / Manchester Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway (MS&LR)

Charles Sacre
Thomas Parker
Harry Pollitt
John G. Robinson

CMEs of the Great Northern Railway (GNR)

Patrick Stirling
Henry A. Ivatt
Sir Nigel Gresley

CMEs of the Great North of Scotland Railway (GNSR)

William Cowan
James Manson
James Johnson
William Pickersgill
Thomas E. Heywood

CMEs of the Hull & Barnsley Railway

Matthew Stirling

CMEs of the Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway (M&GN)

William Marriott

CMEs of the North British Railway (NBR)

Thomas Wheatley
Dugald Drummond
Matthew Holmes
William P. Reid
Walter Chalmers

CMEs of the North Eastern Railway (NER)

Edward Fletcher
Alexander McDonnell
Henry Tennant
Thomas W. Worsdell
Wilson Worsdell
Walter Smith
Sir Vincent Raven

Other designers of LNER Locomotives

William Bouch
Oliver Bulleid
Charles Jones
Richard Maunsell
Robert A. Riddles
Sir William Stanier FRS