LNER Article Index

This new section of the LNER Encylopedia will concentrate on various aspects of railways within the LNER area that do not fit in to the other sections.

Articles about specific routes and regions have now been moved to the areas for their respective Constituent Companies.

Technical Articles

Valve Gear used by the LNER
Descriptions and short histories of some valve gear used by the LNER. Covers the Stephenson, Joy, and Walschaert valve gears.

Gresley's Conjugated Valve Gear
Details the history and workings of Gresley's conjugated valve gear.

Lentz Valve Gear
Details the history of Lentz valve gear on British locomotives, most of which were LNER locomotives. Based on an article by Richard Carr on his Paxman History Pages.

Descriptions and short histories of the various experiments and implementations of compound expansion by the LNER's constituent companies.

Details the LNER's experiments with boosters during the 1920s.


Sixes and Sevens: the Big Four and its Alternatives by Ray Fisher
Describes the formation of the 'Big Four' railway companies during Grouping in the early 1920s.


The LNER in Books, Film, and Television
Describes the LNER's many appearances in books, film, and on television.

LNER Locomotive and Rolling Stock Liveries
This describes the liveries used by the LNER for its locomotives and rolling stock.


Possible future article subjects include:

  • The Races to the North
  • Early steam railways of the North East
  • George Hudson
  • Superheater design