Technical Articles

This sub-section of the LNER Articles pages concentrates on technical subjects.

Valve Gear

Valve Gear used by the LNER
Descriptions and short histories of some valve gear used by the LNER. Covers the Stephenson, Joy, and Walschaert valve gears.

Gresley's Conjugated Valve Gear
Details the history and workings of Gresley's conjugated valve gear.

Lentz Valvegear
Details the history of Lentz valve gear on British locomotives, most of which were LNER locomotives. Based on an article by Richard Carr on his Paxman History Pages.


Descriptions and short histories of the various experiments and implementations of compound expansion by the LNER's constituent companies.

Details the LNER's experiments with boosters during the 1920s.


These are only the first technical articles. Possible future technical articles include:

  • Boosters and Compounding
  • Superheater Design
  • Firebox Design