The LNER 2-8-2 (Mikado) Locomotives

Despite the popularity of the "Mikado" 2-8-2 wheel arrangement in many other countries, the LNER was the only British company to operate standard gauge tender Mikados. The only other company with a Mikado was the GWR which operated a 2-8-2T tank engine type. The LNER's Mikados were not very numerous with a total of eight locomotives built to two different Gresley designs. The two P1 locomotives were built to haul heavy mineral trains into London, but operational limitations meant they were difficult to run efficiently. The P2s included "Cock o'the North", and received much more publicity. Designed for hauling express passenger trains on the difficult line to Aberdeen, they were eventually rebuilt by Thompson into A2/2 Pacifics.

ClassBuilderDesignerFirst Built Last WithdrawalComments
P1 LNER Gresley 1925 1945 Mineral Freight
P2 LNER Gresley 1934 1944 Passenger, Rebuilt as A2/2