EWYUR Trivia

  • Lasting only nine months, the E&WYUR's passenger service was possibly the shortest regular service ever.
  • Safety ('catch') points were only fitted in the 1950s - about ten years before closure.
  • The various collieries were notoriously bad at letting their locomotives operate on E&WYUR track without approval.
  • The line was steep with a 1 in 60 ruling gradient and a maximum gradient of 1 in 30. The LNER had difficulties finding locomotives suitable for these gradients.
  • The telephone number for Rothwell station was "Rothwell No. 1".
  • The E&WYUR had more wagons than route miles, with over 300 wagons before World War 1.
  • The steep gradients and sharp curves proved a useful test track for the various locomotive manufacturers in Leeds. In return, these manufacturers would provide maintenance services for the E&WYUR's locomotives.