References & Bibliography: LNER Books

I recommend all of the following books. Most were used in the compilation of this website. Many are out of print, but can be found at secondhand railway book specialists such as AbeBooks.

RCTS "Locomotives of the LNER"
This multi-volume work describes every class of LNER locomotive. Most of the volumes are currently out of print, but the RCTS regularly reprints popular volumes.

Yeadon's Register of LNER Locomotives
An excellent complement to the RCTS volumes, these books have more photos and detailed overhaul/modification histories. The current count of over forty volumes cover most (but not quite all) LNER locomotive classes.

LNER Wagons: an Illustrated Overview, by Peter Tatlow
Good photographic reference of LNER wagons.

LNER Wagons (5 volumes) by Peter Tatlow
The Illustrated Overview has been expanded into 5 volumes. Volume 1 covers the Southern Area; Volume 2 covers the North East Area (ex-NER & ex-HBR); Volume 3 covers the Scottish Area (ex-NBR & ex-GNSR); and Volume 4A & 4B cover standard LNER designs.

The Streaks: Gresley's A4s, by Roger J. Mannion
Book devoted to the famous A4s and their history.

A Genealogy of the LNER and a Chronolgy of its Antecedants, by Miss Dawn Smith
An excellent reference work detailing every single constituent company and their constituent companies/etc. Each is listed with its own timeline of Acts of Parliament, mergers, etc.

Historic Carriage Drawings Vols. 1&3, by Nick Campling and Peter Tatlow
This three volume work is divided: Vol. 1 LNER; Vol 2 LMS; Vol 3 Non-Passenger Coaching Stock. Includes drawings, photographs and short text for a wide range of common carriage types.

North-Eastern Branch Lines Past and Present, by Ken Hoole
Lots of photographs of NER branch lines, including signal boxes, sheds, bridges, and less-photographed subjects.

The Power of The V2s, by Gavin Morrison
Packed full of V2 photographs, this is an excellent complement to the V2 text in the RCTS volumes.

The Power of The A4s, by Brian Morrison
Packed full of A4 photographs, this is an excellent complement to the A4 text in the RCTS volumes.

LNER 150, by Patrick Whitehouse & David St. John Thomas
A good overview and history of the LNER, including some constituent company and regional British Railways history.

The Great British Railway Station: Kings Cross
A history of Kings Cross including fascinating photographs and historic track diagrams.

Locomotives of the North Eastern Railway, by OS Nock
Excellent history of the North Eastern Railway's locomotive development and their design engineers.

A History of the Great North of Scotland Railway, by Sir Malcolm Barclay-Harvey
A good history of the GNSR including both its high and low points.

LNER Steam, by OS Nock
Good overview of LNER locomotives including quite a few train timings.

Modellers' Guide to the LNER, by David Adair
A good reference of liveries/etc for modellers. Also includes some 4mm modifications, which are probably dated by the release of newer ready-to-run products.

The North-Eastern Atlantics, by K. Hoole
A history of NER Atlantic development including technical details, cost sheets, etc.

The Great Northern Main Line, by W. Rayner Thrower
A relatively small book, but gives a good historical survey of the GNR's mainline to Doncaster.

A History of the LNER Vols. 1-3, by Michael R. Bonavia
This three volume work is a good historical overview of the LNER, written by a manager from the final years of the LNER. Bonavia's insight into the decisions facing the LNER in the immediate Nationalisation period are very informative.

"Missed Trains" Wisbech in the Railway Age, by H.C.Jones
A detailed treatise regarding the early railway history of Wisbech, and how it missed out on being the railway centre that would become Peterborough.