References & Bibliography: Modelling the LNER

Historic Model Railway Society
The Historic Model Railway Society is considered one of the premier historic societies for British railway modellers, and covers everything from pre-Trevithick to today.

Ryedale Society of Model Engineers
The Ryedale Society of Model Engineers is based at East Gilling in North Yorkshire, and operates a ground level 5" gauge railway that often runs LNER main line workings.


The following companies manufacturer LNER models or parts.

Eveleigh Creations
Eveleigh Creations sell a range of 4mm scale etched kits including Great Eastern Railway coaches.

Isinglass Models
Isinglass Models continue to sell a wide range of drawings of LNER locomotives and coaches for 4mm and 7mm scales. These drawings were produced by the late John Edgson.

Connoisseur Models
Jim McGeown's Connoisseur Models produce a range of 7mm scale brass kits, most of which are LNER or constituent company prototypes. These have a good reputation and many are ideal for beginners.

Severn Mill Name Plates
Severn Mill Name Plates produce name plates and shed plates for 7mm scale ('O' gauge). As well as LNER plates, their stock includes BR and the other 'Big Four' companies.

Non-LNER modelling resources and sites are listed on their own page.