References & Bibliography: Enthusiast and Fan Websites

The following LNER websites are operated by fellow enthusiasts. They cover a wide range of topics including regional information, local history, and photographic collections.

LNEEG (London North Eastern E-Group)
The LNEEG is a Yahoogroups based discussion group for all things LNER - including constituent companies and LNER routes.

Stephen Mullen's The London and North Eastern Railway Web Site
Stephen Mullen also has a site devoted to the LNER. The site has histories of the constituent railway companies and also includes its own forums.

Mike Morant Collection
Mike Morant hosts a huge collection of railway photographs. Most are from the UK, and there are a wide variety of LNER and ex-LNER locomotives.

Chris Ward's Annesley Site
Chris Ward's site includes a variety of photographs and recollections from the Annesley area.

London & North Eastern Harwich Services
This site describes the various ferries owned and operated by the LNER, and features a wide range of picture postcard images.

Northumbrian Branch Line Railways
The Northumbrian Branch Line Railways site has lots of pictures and brief histories of the various LNER branch lines in the Northumbia area.

Castle Howard Station
Steve Serowka has created this website about the old Castle Howard Station on the York to Scarborough line.

The P.H. Groom Photographic Collection
Peter Groom has been kind enough to let me use many of his locomotive photographs on this site. He has an extensive collection covering all of the regions and "Big Four" (LNER, LMS, GWR, and SR). If you are interested in his list, write to him at: P.H. Groom, 7 Trafalgar Avenue, Broxbourne, EN10 7DX, UK.

Doncaster Works: Boiler Orders and Numbers by Maurice G Boddy
Lists boiler types, numbers, fittings, variations, etc for Doncaster locomotives and boilers. Coverage ranges from Stirling boilers to BR Standard boilers.

LNER photos 1920 - 28 from the W.Beckerlegge Collection
Phil Sutters has produced this Flickr album of LNER photographs taken by W.H.Whitworth in the 1920s, and collected by W.Beckerlegge.

Leeds Engine Builders
This site documents the history of the various locomotive builders of Leeds. Leeds produced more steam locomotives than either Doncaster or Swindon, and many entered into the service of the LNER and its constituents. These include the Manning Wardles of the GNSR, GCR, and NER; various Hudswell Clarkes; and the Hunslet J94s.

South Pelaw Junction
John Donnelly's South Pelaw Junction site covers the Tyne Dock to Consett Line, especially since the 1960s. It also covers his model of South Pelaw Junction.