0-4-2 'Z' Locomotives of the LNER

There is some evidence that the LNER initially reserved the letter 'Z' for miscellaneous locomotives. Z1 and Z2 were probably reserved for two GNR departmental locomotives, and Z3 was kept as a spare. Z4 was then allocated to the three GER Stratford 0-6-0T crane engines, and Z5 was used for two types of GNSR 0-4-2Ts. Three Simplex petrol shunters were allocated Z6. There is some doubt as to these allocations, though.

In 1927, the Z classes were re-arranged, so that Z only referred to locomotives of the 0-4-2 arrangement. The GER 0-6-0T cranes were allocated to the class J92, whilst the smaller of the two GNSR 0-4-2 classes became the Z4 class. The Z6 Simplexes were reclassified as Y11.

The LNER received a third type of 0-4-2 from the Colne Valley & Halstead Railway (CV&HR). This lone locomotive (No. 1) was scrapped in 1923 and never received a classification.

Class Builder Designer First Built Last Withdrawal Comments
CV&HR No. 1 Neilson & Co 1876 1923 No LNER class
Z4 / J92 GER Johnson 1891 1952 GER Cranes. Reclassified J92
Z4 Manning Wardle 1915 1960
Z5 Manning Wardle 1915 1960
Z6 Simplex 1921 1956 Reclassified as Y11