The LNER 'J' 0-6-0 Locomotives: J1 - J20

The 0-6-0 wheel arrangement was by far the most numerous used by the LNER. It was used mainly for locomotives intended for freight, branch, and shunting work.

If any single type epitomises the British steam locomotive from the mid-19th Century, it is the inside-cylinder 0-6-0 tender loco. Far more were built than any other type, principally for freight, though many were also deployed on passenger duties such as branch line services or excursions. The advent of more powerful eight-coupled designs did little to dent the popularity of the 0-6-0 for lighter freight duties. Although the nature of their work ensured the longevity of many pre-Grouping locomotives, new 0-6-0 construction continued on a large scale through to the 1940s. The LNER ceased 0-6-0 construction in 1941.

Unlike the 4-4-0, its passenger counterpart, the 0-6-0 type did not alter radically over its long history. Once the long boiler and double-framed designs (both represented in the LNER's 1923 inheritance) were abandoned, the most obvious development over the years was the trend towards larger boilers. Later modifications also included piston valves and superheating.

At Grouping (1923), the LNER inherited over 2,500 0-6-0 tender locomotives - over a third of all locomotives inherited. Over half of these pre-Grouping 0-6-0s survived to Nationalisation (1948), while the LNER built 337 more (324 to new designs). Therefore at Nationalisation, 0-6-0 tender locomotives still constituted over a quarter of the LNER stock.

Due to the large numbers of different 0-6-0 types, they have been split into four indexes:

The 0-6-0 Tender Locomotive Classes J21 - J41, can be found here

The 0-6-0 Tank & Diesel Locomotive Classes J45 - J70, can be found here

The 0-6-0 Tank Locomotive Classes J71 - J94, can be found here

The 0-6-0 Tender Locomotive Classes J1 - J20

ClassBuilderDesignerFirst Built Last WithdrawalComments
J1 GNR Ivatt 1908 1954
J2 GNR Ivatt 1912 1954
J3 GNR Gresley 1912 1954 Gresley rebuild of J4
J4 GNR Stirling/Ivatt 1873 1951 Included rebuilds of earlier Stirling locomotives.
J5 GNR Ivatt 1909 1955
J6 GNR Ivatt/Gresley 1911 1962 "Knick-Knacks"
J7 GNR Stirling 1883 1936 "West Riding Goods"
'18' GCR Sacre 1873 1924 Also known as "Class J8 - 309B only"
J8 GCR Parker 1887 1930 "Bashers"
J9 GCR Parker/Pollitt 1891 1936
J10 GCR Parker/Pollitt 1892 1961
J11 GCR Robinson 1901 1962 'Pom-Poms'
J12 GCR Sacre 1880 1930 'Bulldogs'
J13 GCR Parker 1889 1935
J14 GER J. Holden 1893 1925 'Swifts'
J15 GER T.W. Worsdell 1883 1962 'Little Goods'
J16 GER J. Holden 1900 1932 All rebuilt as J17s
J17 GER J. Holden 1900 1962
J18 GER Hill 1912 1961
J19 GER Hill 1916 1962
J20 GER Hill 1920 1962