The LNER 'J' 0-6-0 Locomotives: J50 - J70 and Diesels

Due to the large numbers of different 0-6-0 types, they have been split into four indexes:

The 0-6-0 Tender Locomotive Classes J1 - J20, can be found here

The 0-6-0 Tender Locomotive Classes J21 - J41, can be found here

The 0-6-0 Tank Locomotive Classes J71 - J94, can be found here

0-6-0 Diesel Locomotives

Due to the large numbers of inherited 0-6-0T shunting types, the LNER did not introduce any new 0-6-0T shunters until the 1940s. As well as the famous J94 'Austerity' tanks, the LNER introduced two types of diesel 0-6-0 shunters.

ClassBuilderDesignerFirst Built Last WithdrawalComments
 J45 / DES1  English Electric 1944 1967 Diesel Shunters
DES2 Brush 1949 1962 Diesel Shunter
AW 0-6-0 Armstrong Whitworth 1932 1933 Ran trials only before transfer

The 0-6-0 Tank Locomotive Classes J50 - J71

Though heavily outnumbered by its tender counterpart, the 0-6-0T was a popular type in Britain, especially for shunting but also for freight work, branch passenger services and even suburban passenger duties. New construction continued well into British Railways days.

The LNER inherited over 1,000 examples (14% of the total) from all seven constituents – a total exceeded only by the 0-6-0 tender type. 0-6-0Ts were particularly popular with the Great Northern Railway (GNR) and the Great Eastern Railway (GER). Five of the inherited 0-6-0Ts were crane tanks, and twelve were tram locomotives.

The LNER perpetuated existing designs with 82 new locos before purchasing 75 locos to the War Department design of 1942. Meanwhile 17 pre-Grouping 0-6-0Ts were acquired post-Grouping, principally the Midland & Great Northern (M&GN). At Nationalisation (1948), some 824 0-6-0Ts remained. These comprised 664 pre-Grouping locos, 157 LNER and three M&GN. British Railway added a further 28 locomotives from 1949, remarkably adopting a North Eastern Railway (NER) design of 1898.

See the The 0-6-0T Tank Locomotive Classes J71 - J94 index for the remaining LNER 0-6-0T types.

ClassBuilderDesignerFirst Built Last WithdrawalComments
GNR J19 GNR Stirling 1872 1927 No LNER Classification
J50 GNR/LNER Gresley 1922 1965 "Submarines"
J51 GNR Gresley 1914 1935 Rebuilt as J50
J52 GNR Ivatt 1894 1961
J53 GNR Stirling 1892 1935 Rebuilt as J52
J54 GNR Stirling 1874 1933
J55 GNR Stirling 1874 1950 Rebuilds of J54 & J56
J56 GNR Stirling 1877 1932
J57 GNR Stirling 1882 1938
GCR "7" GCR Sacre 1885 1923
J58 GCR Sacre 1869 1930
J59 GCR Sacre 1871 1929 "Humpies"
J60 GCR Kitsons 1897 1948
J61 GCR - 1873 1931 Two miscellaneous GCR 0-6-0STs
J62 GCR Pollitt 1897 1951
J63 GCR Robinson 1906 1957
J64 Mid-Suffolk Hudswell, Clarke 1904 1929 Taken over on 1st July 1924
J65 GER J. Holden 1889 1956 "Blackwall" tanks
J66 GER J. Holden 1886 1962
J67 GER J. Holden 1890 1958
J68 GER Hill 1912 1961
J69 GER J. Holden 1890 1962
J70 GER James Holden 1903 1955 Tram: 'Toby' the Tram