GNR Trivia

  • There were four members of the Cubitt family involved with the GNR. William, Civil engineer who performed the detailed survey of the London to Doncaster main line. Brother Benjamin was the first Locomotive Superintendent. Joseph, William's son, was the resident engineer especially involved with the Peterborough to Grantham section. Lewis, William's nephew designed King's Cross station.
  • Stirling preferred to use single-wheelers for express work. He likened locomotives with coupled wheels as like "a laddie runnin' wi' his breeks doon".
  • The Stirling 8 footers were built in pairs over a period of 24 years; each pair was identical but there were differences between each other pair.
  • In 1895, Uruguay issued a postage stamp depicting a Stirling 8 footer.
  • For years, during Stirling's period, the GNR ran the fastest trains in the world.
  • There were three members of the Stirling family who became Locomotive Superintendents. Patrick, who held the post on the Glasgow and South Western Railway (G&SWR) before joining the GNR. Brother James, who held the post on the G&SWR immediately after his brother and subsequently moved to the SER. Patrick's son Matthew held the post on the Hull & Barnsley Railway from 1885 to 1922.
  • In 1899, the GNR purchased 20 2-6-0s from Baldwins of the USA, the reason being that Doncaster and all British manufacturers were too busy.
  • Gresley was aged 31 at the time of his appointment in 1905.
  • When Ivatt retired, many people thought that the vacancy would be filled by Matthew Stirling.
  • No. 1470, "Great Northern" was the second British Pacific. The first was Churchward's "Great Bear".


Thank you to Richard Barron for the above information.