Timeline of the GNR

1844 Launch of the London & York Railway prospectus

1846 The London & York Railway Bill received assent
The GNR name is adopted.

1848 First GNR service from Louth to New Holland commences
Serivce is in association with the MS&LR).

1850 Line opens between London & Peterborough
Through trains from London to Yorkshire commence via Lincoln and Retford.

1852 Peterborough - Retford section opens

1852 King's Cross station opens

1852 London to Nottingham service commenced

1858 MR extended mainline south from Leicester to Hitchin
The MR uses running powers to reach King's Cross and hence access access to the capital.

1860 ECJS established

1865 GNR joins the CLC partnership

c.1865 Line opens between Doncaster and Leeds

1866 Locomotive Superintendent Archibald Sturrock retires
Patrick Stirling becomes the new locomotive superintendent.

1867 Loop line from Peterborough to Doncaster via Lincoln is finally completed

1872 Building of the line from Colwick (Nottingham) to Derby commences

c.1877 Joint line with the GER planned
This includes a part of the Lincoln loop line, to give access into Cambridgeshire.

1879 The GNR introduces the first dining car in the UK

1881 The GNR Purchases the Stafford & Uttoxeter Railway

1895 Locomotive Superintendent Patrick Stirling dies whilst in office
H.A. Ivatt becomes the new locomotive superintendent.

1898 Ivatt builds the first British Atlantic

1905 H.N. Gresley is appointed to the position of Carriage & Wagon Superintendent

1908 Ivatt uses a superheater for the first time, on an 0-8-0 goods engine

1911 H.A. Ivatt retires
Gresley is appointed to the position of Locomotive Superintendent.

1922 Gresley produces his first Pacific, 1470 "Great Northern"

1922 On 31st December, the GNR ceases to exist and becomes part of the LNER


Thank you to Richard Barron for the above information.