The LNER 'G' 0-4-4 Locomotives

The LNER owned a number of 0-4-4 tank locomotive types, including an unusual crane tank.

The 0-4-4T configuration was a popular type for local passenger and branch work, and was often adopted as an alternative to the 2-4-2T configuration. Although every major Constituent other than the Hull & Barnsley (H&BR) supplied 0-4-4Ts to the LNER in 1923, they were especially popular on the North Eastern Railway (NER) which had 156. 104 were inherited from the other companies. The LNER did not build any 0-4-4Ts of its own. 110 (all ex-NER) survived to Nationalisation (1948).

ClassBuilderDesignerFirst Built Last WithdrawalComments
G1 GNR Stirling 1889 1927
G2 GNR Stirling 1881 1926
G3 GCR Kitsons & Co. 1897 1935
G4 GER J.Holden 1898 1938
G5 NER W.Worsdell 1894 1958
G6 NER Fletcher 1874 1929 "BTP" (Bogie Tank Passenger)
G7 NBR Holmes 1886 1932
G8 NBR Drummond 1877 1925
G9 NBR Reid 1909 1940
G10 GNSR J.Johnson 1893 1947
 Crane Tank  GNR Stirling 1876 1928 No LNER Classification