The LNER 2-8-0 Locomotives

Of the four LNER constituents that adopted the 0-8-0, only the GCR and GNR switched to 2-8-0s - significantly, both companies with long-distance coal traffic. Robinson launched his design for the GCR in 1911, while Gresley's two-cylinder 1913 design on the GNR was followed by a three-cylinder version five years later.

At Grouping (1923), the LNER inherited 179 2-8-0s. It constructed 56 more O2s and purchased 273 more Robinson war-surplus locomotives during the 1920s. 92 were then loaned and subsequently sold to the War Department in World War 2, leaving 329 Robinson locomotives to be acquired by British Railways (1948), most of which had been modified or rebuilt. British Railways also inherited 84 Gresley 2-8-0s after three had been withdrawn by the LNER.

During and after World War 2, the LNER made brief use of LMS-designed 2-8-0s as well as USATC locomotives en route to France, but by 1947 these had been all replaced by over 450 'WD Austerity' 2-8-0s either purchased or borrowed from the War Deptartment. These boosted total 2-8-0 numbers on LNER metals at Nationalisation to almost 900 (including 270 on loan from the War Deptartment). Official LNER ownership stood at 681 - 10% of LNER stock - including 67 on loan to the LMS.

ClassBuilderDesignerLNER From Last WithdrawalComments
O1 GNR Gresley 1913 1952 'Tangos', Reclassified as O3 in 1944
O2 GNR/LNER Gresley 1918 1963 'Tangos'?
O3 GNR Gresley 1913 1952 Reclassified from O1 in 1944
O4 GCR Robinson 1911 1966 RODs; "Tinies"
O5 GCR Robinson 1918 1943 All rebuilt as O4
O6 LMS/LNER Stanier 1943 1968 Stanier 8F
O7 WD Riddles 1943 1967 WD Austerity 2-8-0
O1 LNER/BR Thompson 1944 1965 Rebuild of O4
S160 USATC 1942 1945 US Army Transport Corps Lend-Lease 

2-10-0 Tender Locomotives

The LNER never owned any 2-10-0s but made temporary use of the War Department’s 'Austery' 2-10-0 locomotives during World War 2. Only two ten-coupled locomotives had previously run in Britain, including the GER's Decapod.

ClassBuilderDesignerFirst Built Last WithdrawalComments
'Austerity' WD Riddles 1943 1946 WD Austerity 2-10-0